Friday, March 16, 2012


It's my university's spring break this week.  I've had papers to grade and a revision to work on but it's SPRING BREAK so there's been a fair amount of puttering around and sighing contentedly also.  Lots of spring cleaning going on; a re-arrange of the studio; several bags of goodies off to the thrift store.

Everything in the studio is just-so (except, apparently, I haven't put the bedskirt back on yet!), with my desk back in front of the window, and with the too-warm, too-early spring weather, the birds are back with us.  I love the sounds of them in the trees, and having the windows open.

See the jay there, in the middle?

Woodpeckers will be back soon, though with our cedar siding, E. is definitely not happy about that.

The lap blanket I've been knitting also got set aside as the temperatures have risen, in favor of piecing together this project:

For years, I've been adding to my stash of vintage tea towels, table tops, and quilt remnants.  I found the inner layer at the thrift store last fall, and just picked up the liner there last week.  Now the quilting begins!  Thanks to N.D. for the quick primer this winter on how to do it.

E and I both have lingering spring colds, so it's back to work today with a mug of lemon-honey-apple cider vinegar.  Gross.  But better than any cold medicine.

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