Saturday, March 17, 2012

Family Out

Spring seems to have come wicked early this year.  Or maybe it's summer that's showing up.  Colorado weather is erratic but this is really something.  It's early March and already the grape hyacinth and the crocus are up, with the tulips pushing up fast behind.  It nearly hit 80 today, and we had our first family day outside.

There may be a few more winter days here and there...March and April are historically snowy months in Denver.  But it definitely feels like spring is here.  I braided my hair, put in some silver hoops, slipped into my flip-flops, and was immediately reminded of an insane, last-minute trip some girlfriends and I took to Tijuana in college over spring break.  We drove down to San Diego and stayed in someone's apartment, and went over the border a few times, loading up on cheap silver jewelry, kissing marines stationed in San Diego, and drinking watered-down tequila.  Also, getting deeply sunburned.  We started out in our long flannel button down shirts and cut-offs and by the end of the week were just in our suits all the time.

It will be fifty degrees Monday and I can't remember the last time I had a real beach vacation, but it's nice to feel the sun on my feet anyway, to clear away the dead leaves and turn the compost.  This is a different life, and still it's nice to recapture some of the ease and spontaneity this time of year brings.

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