Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgobbling, Thanksgiving, Thanksgoodtimes

I'm pretty sure I still owe you a Halloween post.  Those pictures are on E's camera.  That's the hold up.  It's all his fault for owning a camera and hoarding the pictures.  Harumph.

But on to Thanksgiving, which long-time readers will know is my VERY favorite holiday because it involves puttering around the house all day, sipping cocktails and eating olives and pickles while E. conjures an insane feast, whether for 20 friends we are lucky enough to host or for just us four.  This time we had our dear friends M. and S. (back from the brink of disaster with a really, really broken arm, but here and smiling, always) and our new friend W.  We were too busy pigging out to take many pictures, but rest assured it was a delightful, peaceful time together.

Rather than create a gratitude tree this year, we decided to just use Rupert, because we are glad to have a tree growing in our house.  The girls did all their own cards, which mostly centered around family, friends, school and teachers.  Here are some others:

Peace, Love, and Music

I'm grateful for skiing
Jen and Eric
I'm thankful for my sister

I'm grateful for all of you.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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