Sunday, November 6, 2011

And, finally, a quiet Sunday.

I think Sunday mornings are just about my favorite things in the world right now.  Sleeping in, having a cup of tea or--a real treat--a cup of coffee, eating a big breakfast.  I woke up earlier than I would have liked this morning because I was a little sore from my second half-marathon yesterday and then I started thinking about the race and couldn't fall back asleep.  Even though I didn't train for this one, it went really well.  The running felt easy, it was a cold day, and I have the hydration thing down now.  I really like running with my friends, which was something I never would have predicted.  I'm nowhere near as sore today as I was after the first one.  I still got sick about an hour after the race, and my crew (the Honey Badgers) thinks it's because I'm not eating enough right before I run.  So I'll try that next time.  But it was a good confidence-builder.

The girls have been missing me so I promised them each a date.  Nolie got hers earlier this week when she stayed home from school because she had impetigo--a rash on her face, and feeling pretty sluggish.  But not so sluggish that she didn't want to curl up with mama and do some crafts, watch a movie, and go have lunch at Noodles.  Which is her favorite, and only, place in the world to eat out.

Addie got to have her date today.  E. took Nolie to have her last soccer game of the season, and Addie chose to stay home, look through her bead collection, with me by her side observing and chatting, have lunch at Noodles (we're predictable, at least) and learn how to crochet.  She chose a soft, pinkish-brown yarn, and is making her own scarf.  Both girls stick to us like glue these days, probably due to the busy-ness of the past few weeks and the turning of the seasons.  But I thought it was interesting that, given carte-blanche for their dates, they both only wanted to be close to me, quietly working at home.  I'm sure in a few years that won't be the case anymore.

I won't have my feelings hurt that they didn't choose my home cooking for lunch.

After Nolie got home, she wanted to do what the big girls were doing, so I got her going on some finger knitting.

And pretty soon, while E. watched the football games, all the girls were busy working on their yarn crafts.  A perfect Sunday.

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