Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Thin Man with a Knife

Another good way to start the day is with a morning poem.  I'm surrounded by amazing, beautiful poets who keep me stocked up in good poetry, and I'm so blessed for that.  These women are my favorite poets, certainly.  But I also continue to be drawn to Bly's Morning Poems (come to think of it, I'm often drawn to male poets, singers, that saying something?  Or is it mere coincidence?  I'll have to think on that...).

Anyway, this was my poem for today, from Bly:


Well I do it, and it's done.
And it can't be taken back.
There's a wound in my chest
Where I wounded others.

But it will knit, or heal, in time.
That's what you say.
And some that I wounded
Claim:  "I am the better for it."

Was it truth-telling or
A think man with a knife?
The wound will close, or heal
In time.  That's what you say.

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