Monday, February 14, 2011

Davies Clan, Posterity

My cuz Heidi, who is a photographer, scanned a bunch of family photos in for my Gram's funeral.  I hadn't seen most of these, so I want to post some of them here, just so my girls see them when they look through the toddlerspit books someday, and so I don't forget.

That's my dad on the left there, with grandma and Grandpa next to him, and two of my Aunts, Debbie and Diane, below.  Crew cuts were and are popular with the men in my family.  Those who had hair, anyway.

Flash forward a few decades.  Muggs on the left, me holding some baby there (clearly my penchant for odd bangs and little babies goes back a long way), then my brother Jade, and my Uncle Terry's chin hair is in there too.

Muggs and my Dad.  She looks suspiciously over-happy in this photograph.  As does he, for that matter. Gives me pause.

Okay, weird to include this in family photos.  But this is the fox that visited my grandpa every day, especially in the year before he died.  He loved feeding this guy.  I have a fond memory of him getting very excited about the fox, even when he was quite sick.  This is oddly the most emotional photo for me in the bunch.  Hi, fox.

Muggs, with one of the six babies.  SIX!

Typical Davies shenanigans.  Don't even know what to say.  Babies are trophies, of course, but come on.

Also not quite sure what to say about this one.  I really did think of my grandmother as being quite staid. But perhaps these photos tell a different story.

Entire Davies clan, assembled some time in my twenties.

Um.  YES.  All I can say is that my wicked design skills must be genetic.

Also YES!  And definitely revising my previous assumptions about Grandma Muggs.

Ditto.  Gorgeous.

And my Dad, looking about 13 at his wedding to my Mom.

Thanks for strolling with me.


  1. Hi fox. Hi JJ. Hi JJ's family. I really enjoyed this post.

  2. Beautiful family. Love your Muggs!