Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yes I did go to the doctor this morning and get that horrible thing stuck up my nose in order to receive the news that I have THE horrible flu with stupid bronchitis to boot. Which explains why, even though I made it through my one-hour lecture yesterday, I came home feeling like somebody had sucked my innards out of my body. Through my nose.

And I also finished grading papers for that one class I had to miss today, and prepped for the one class I'll miss tomorrow. I did those things because at the doctor's, they injected me with this crazy-ass steroid that makes you feel like, "Yes, I am still sick! I can feel it! I feel truly horrible! But I don't care! I'm going to organize baby pictures! And write a screenplay! And learn to dance the mambo!" That stuff is like Angel Dust and Nyquil, all rolled into one. Suh-weet.

And, in the last few days, in addition to trying not to be sick but being pretty goddammed sick, I managed to watch both Seven Samurai (let me break it down: 3 1/2 hours long; 60 years old; in black and white, and subtitled Japanese. Can I get a witness?) and Billy Bathgate (kay, sorry to say it, I know it's Doctorow and everything, but bo-ring!), which are Netflix movies that have been laying around the house gathering dust so long that I almost felt bad putting them in the mailbox today. I mean, we were using those things as coasters! The girls had started carving hieroglyphs into them!

I've also caught up on all of the Lost episodes, season 5, that are available on ABC. Memo to ABC: post the other episodes, you bastards! I have the swine flu, yo!

So now I'm making my way through 30 Rock.

Somebody save me.


  1. You poor dear. And you manage to keep your sense of humor and make me laugh even with your innards upheaving themselves (or is that "itselves") through your nose. Let me know if you need anything and I'll leave it on your doorstep and run. Can't help but giggle a bit at the Google ads to the right: "Need Flu Relief?" juxtaposed to "A better Way to Shop and pay less... at T.J. Maxx." Bet you wanna tell them to shove their designer mark offs right up their clear breathing nostrils! Love you, sister. -TT

  2. Hey! I couldn't find your email address, though I swear I had it at one point. Would you mind emailing me your mailing address? Ember made something she wants to send along to Addie. (taffy_kat@hotmail.com)

    It was so very nice to meet you.