Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Auntie Guest Post

I've been meaning to put up this guest post from the fabulous Auntie M., but only just now got permissions (cuz that's how I try to roll). So, from the weeks when I was gone, a tale of Auntie M., who kindly made my children a (no-doubt delicious) homemade mac n cheese:

Nolie (laying her head on the counter): I don't like this mac-n-cheese.
Addie: Me eitha. We only like the kind that comes in a box.
Auntie M.: Well, that's not real.
Addie: Yes it is.
Auntie M.: No it's not.
Addie: It's real cheese!
Auntie M.: No, it's powdered cheese. Chemicals.
(wide eyes)
Nolie (squirming): I don't like it.
Addie: Can you make us something else?
Auntie M.: Well, you know, when I was a kid and I didn't eat my dinner, that was it. I didn't get anything else.
(Both girls look at me -- their mouths are slightly agape)
Addie: Oh.
Nolie: Ohhhhh
Auntie M.: But of course we don't want you to be hungry.
Nolie: I want to watch the rest of the movie.
Auntie M.: How about some fruit?
Addie: Okay.
Nolie: OKAY!
Auntie M.: Apples and banana or pear and banana?
Addie: apples and...no, pear, pear and banana. Can I have some more juice?
Auntie M.: Just a little more--especially since you're having other fruit.
Nolie: bahbahbahbah
Auntie M.: We'll save the mac-n-cheese for Daddy.
Addie: You can take it home.
Auntie M.: No, I think Daddy will like it.
Addie: You can take most of it home.

(Daddy comes home, eats two bowls of said mac-n-cheese, Auntie M. is VINDICATED!)

I (Auntie M.) will also say that there are few better things than being able to calm an upset kid. When I went to pick them up, Nolie gave me a look like "oh, I knew you were coming but HERE YOU ARE OH SHIT" and ran for her sister. "Addie! Wait up!" We got her piggy bag and then she crumbled. I kneeled..."what's wrong bug?" Out comes the bottom lip. "I want my mama" big tears...I take her in my arms and say "I know, I know it's hard, Mom is on the plane, I know, it's going to be okay" ...Nolie sobbing..."how about we go home and get a snack and watch a little movie?" ... sobbing calms..."Is that okay?" Nolie nods. When we get in the car and we're all strapped in, Nolie says, verbatim "Addie! We're going to go have a snack and watch a little movie!!"

Ah yes. We sang TOMORROW the whole way home.

Jen's note: I'm still slightly amazed that everything worked out okay, those weeks I was gone, not because the Aunties aren't incredibly amazing and competent, but because my children are such NUTballs and can bring even the very strong to their knees. It is a testament to our little "village" that everything went off with a hitch.

Everything I know about, anyway :).

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