Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Speed

Boy. Good thing I didn't get pulled over this morning, on the street that runs right between Nolie's preschool on the left and Addie's kindergarten on the right. That would have been embarrassing. Good thing I wasn't going 31 mph in a 20 mph school zone, whizzing right past the motorcycle cop who is stationed there every morning.

Because if I had been going 31 in a 20, he would have had to pull me over in the very small, very intimate parking lot of Nolie's kindergarten, lights flashing, with all the other parents watching and either shaking their heads or giving sympathetic looks.

I imagine he would have been pretty nice about the whole thing, had I been speeding, and let me take Nolie into school while he was writing up my ticket. And, of course, it probably would have been one of those mornings where she's extra clingy, and starts crying and screaming about how she hates school (she doesn't). And I would have had to extricate myself from her alligator-jaw-like-grip, explaining to the teacher I had to go so that I could go get my ticket from the cop waiting out in the parking lot. For speeding in a school zone. Between the schools my own two daughters attend.

Probably, I'd get lucky, and the guy wouldn't double my fine or the "points" assigned against my license. Which would make the ticket only $160, not $320.

That would have been one heck of a way to start the day. Huh?

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  1. Oh boy...embarassing. I got pulled over once in the parking lot of Lele's preschool for running a stop sign. It was Farm Day, so she was all dressed up and looking even cuter than usual. Shameless ass that I am, I say to the cop, "Yes, here you go, here's my license, excuse me- (looking back to Lele who, it should be noted, was NOT scared and was NOT worried)- it's OK, baby. No, mommy isn't in trouble with the policeman. Don't be scared." Then, back to the cop, "Can I just walk my daughter into preschool, please?" Guess what happened? No ticket. Just a warning. I still feel guilty about that one...