Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not Exactly Julia and Julie, But Good Enough

In the past, I've resisted having the girls help to much in the kitchen (except for baking--there's always room for three when baking). I like the quiet time of preparing a meal by myself, plus I'm not a very good cook, and it usually requires some concentration on my part to pull it off. Then, we've been cautious about the girls around sharp knives and hot stoves and stuff. Your average parenting worry.

But Nolie is relentless about asking to help at mealtimes. She's also incredibly whiny if she's not fed immediately when we get home from school. Having her help in the kitchen (put cut vegetables in a bowl for sauteeing, measuring pasta, etc.) solves both problems. And, to my surprise, I enjoy having her there with me. She's much more likely to try new foods, too, if she had a hand in making them.

This big girl turns three tomorrow, which is a mind-blower. More to come on that...

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