Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Boys

These are from this summer, obviously.  Look at the trees outside that window!  Whatever house we end up buying in Boise, old-growth trees are a must.  They are so beautiful, and the sound of wind blowing through them is so soothing, and the shade so protective.  It's like living in a treehouse, being in our master bedroom.  

Milo loves to get in E.'s face until E. rubs Milo's face.  His nose is so cold and his lips so drool-y and you feel like you're being accosted by a giant, stinking camel.  But he's so gentle and sweet, so you have to obey.

It's the worst at mealtimes, because both dogs get in your face because they have to be fed RIGHT NOW.  Peanut's breath has the stink of a thousand outhouses and Milo just slobbers on you and it's a totally unwinnable situation.

And totally perfect.

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