Monday, June 3, 2013

You guys.

I really haven't abandoned the blog, I promise.  The quick updates are:  Berkeley was great, Florida was awesome, and Sweden is about to be super.  I leave tomorrow, and then a great yawning space opens up on my to-do list, with the major thing on it being the finishing of our book on coal and communication.  I just happened to have been granted a sabbatical next spring to devote to that very job and I'm excited to have my day-to-day life be more regular and to have a major focus.

If that's how it all ends up working out.

Anyway:  Sweden.  And then my summer will begin a bit more for reals and one of my goals is to return to this space with more regularity.  I want to post pics of our new deck and tell you about Peanut and my thoughts on nutrition and show you lots of pictures of these amazing girls.  I have a 20-year high school reunion coming up, and a family reunion, and there will also be lots of laying around, I hope.

Maybe I'll even start sewing again.  Or just allow things to be fallow for a while.  It's been such a year.  I'm so happy at the moment, and you know I tend to write less when I'm super-happy or super-sad.  So you know:  happy, for now.

See you soon!

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