Sunday, May 5, 2013

Have I Mentioned

Have I mentioned that it feels like, all of a sudden, Nolie is just growing up super-fast?  And that she's doing just great?  I look back on the last year, and though it seems overly-dramatic, I feel like she was on a downward trajectory, health-wise, and was heading toward failure-to-thrive land.  She wasn't gaining height; her skin didn't look right; her hair was thin.

I was at my wits' end.  Terrified for my kid.  Not sure what to do next.

Now she is tall, maybe even a little glowy, and her hair is thicker.  She isn't throwing as many monster tantrums.

Perhaps all this would have happened anyway.  Maybe she would have grown out of the food intolerances and the tummy aches and the epic behavioral issues.

But I have to say, the Great Nolie Turn-Around of 2013 very closely coincided with our decision to get her NAET treatments with an acupuncturist who specializes in working with kiddos.  I take her once a week to this cutie-pie in Denver, who muscle tests her for some different ingredients, gives her some fancy-schmancy back rubs while she does some special breathing, and then does some acupressure on her arms, legs, and tummy.  She passes out in the car on the way home, and then she can't eat that particular ingredient for 24 hours.

And then she can eat it.  Pretty much all she wants.  Without all the tummy aches and diarrhea and eczema.

Okay, so I'm primed to be a bit woo-woo myself, and to believe all this is helping her.  It could also just be that she likes having a special treatment once a week (who wouldn't?).  It could be that all of us are less stressed, what with the marital apocalypse and the tenure behind us.  It could be that it will come raging back and then we'll end up back on the hospital treadmill.  I don't know.

Whatever.  It feels like a miracle, any way you slice it.

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