Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Addie, 9

I love it when someone's self-portraits magically appear on my camera.

This is one awesome kid.  Funny--her favorite thing right now is to make people laugh.  Loves comics.  Reads them, makes them, draws them.  Sensitive and sweet.  Sarcastic.  Very much in kidland, but also so grown up in many ways.  I forget she is a kid sometimes, and have to remember the power of my words to wound, and also to build up.

Beautiful.  Red lips.  Thick black hair.  Long, long limbs, always going everywhere, falling, hitting things, knocking things over; also graceful, goofy, fun.  Pure potential.

Loves legos.  Loves television.  Loves books.  Reads books until they fall apart, until pages fall out, soaked wet from being read in the tub.  Has questions about words and meanings and jokes and everything.  Knows everything.  Corrects you on everything.  Sleeps through anything.  Still knock-kneed.   An infectious giggle.  Still wants to cuddle.  Can't get comfortable being cuddled.  Would rather be naked than anything else, because all clothes itch.  Hates having her fingernails cut.  Always has stuff in her hair.  Loves her friends.  Loves her family.  Loves her teachers.

I love knowing her, and being around her, and having her in my life.  Lucky beyond words.

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