Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More on Nolie

We took the Noles to get some blood drawn about ten days ago and got the call from the doctor yesterday morning.  There was nothing that screamed out as causing her stomach pain, but enough was just a little off that now we have to take her to the GI in January.  Thyroid, a little off.  Pancreas, a little bit off.  Celiac test, inconclusive.  Blood in the stool.  So, more tests to come.  She continues to be whiny and to need to be near us all the time.  We still don't know if she's acting like that because of her tummy, or if she is anxious and therefore her tummy hurts.  Won't know for a while.  So we have to be loving and patient but also not let her run all over us.  It's not easy.

But it won't last forever.  

Today the snow is coming down in huge, gorgeous flurries.  Milo sleeps in the corner, our fake fireplace/space heater is roaring, the candles are lit, and I have time to read through emails and write here.  I celebrated the end of the semester yesterday, both because I couldn't last Friday after hearing of the shootings, and because it took a while to slough this one off.  Milo and I ran seven miles in the foothills, the snow sticking to our eyelashes and eyebrows.  We came in to the house slow, sore.  But I felt like this effort marked the end and that I could take a few days off, finally, without angst or guilt.  Because if not now, when?  The tenure package is in.  My deadlines can wait.  We're home as a family all next week.  So why not take a few days and live more slowly now?  Why not have a few hours where I can do whatever I want instead of having every moment dictated by the do list?  

The snow offers a perfect excuse to stay in, too.  Hope you are cuddled up wherever you are today.


  1. JJ- Does Nolie ever have night terrors? Hugs, Auntie TT

  2. T, no, not the way you have them. She definitely gets upset at night sometimes, but it's nothing like the night terrors Addie used to get. But she grew out of hers, so now you're the only one screaming at the walls :).

    1. JJ- Fortunately, my wall screaming does not happen as often as it once did. But when I was a kid it had gotten so bad that I had significant headaches and stomach problems. They checked me for ulcers. That’s why I asked about Nolie’s dreaming habits. xo