Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LongTooth McFangyfang

You guys, Nolie lost her first tooth.

Well, sort of.

See, she was getting a big tooth growing up out of her gums but her little tooth hadn't fallen out yet.  So when we took her in for her dental check-up with the awesomely named Dr. Ngo (pronounced Dr. No!) who is also preternaturally cheerful, Dr. Ngo said they were going to have to pull that tooth out.

What the heck, Nolie.  We can't even see the double-tooth action in this shot.

They gave the Noles some laughing gas,

Yes, I am the weird mom always taking pictures of her children in their moments of greatest strife.

and they yanked the thing out.

Can I tell you I'm kind of grossed out?  Because they handed me the tooth and it is shaped like some sort of fang.  Like, it's twice as long as Addie's baby teeth were.  I checked when I got home and literally Nolie's tooth is twice as long as Addie's were.  LITERALLY.

I told my friend at work about it and he said that the root of Nolie's tooth just hadn't disintegrated like it was supposed to.  So now I'm very anxious that Nolie has a mouth full of stubborn roots that will never disintegrate and every tooth will have to get pulled and I'll have a collection of fangs.

Or the tooth fairy will.  Whatever.  You know what I mean.

Also, Nolie's lip looks gross in that picture.  What the hell.

I love kids but they are just totally like little beasts sometimes.

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