Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Still uploading the bajillions of pictures from our trip to Idaho.  Bear with me.  I'm trying to keep things organized.

The girls with Nana D.  Nana D. unloaded some serious vintage doll furnishings on us since we drove up and there was some awesomeness with those that I hope to share some time, including a fascination I've developed with one doll in particular.

Yes.  I have a doll fascination.  Suck it.

Clearly, there was also some t.v. watching at Nana D.'s and Papa B's.  It's cool.  In summer, we roll wid it.

Nana D. and the ladies cruising outside Louie's, where we had our Father's Day brunch.  There were several entire tables filled with dessert.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Me and my Pops.  Who looks so much like my Grandpa it's scary.  In an awesome way.  And I'm starting to look more like my pops.  Which I'm also good with.

To illustrate, here's an old picture of Homer and Mugs.  Am I right, or am I right?

Chilling on Nana G.'s and Papa D.'s ginormous lawn with my beautiful nieces and handsome nephews, and the lovely Nana G.

Cousin Star!  With Nolie in the middle.  Cuz clearly she has a debilitating shyness disorder.

Cousin K. (my niece) and Nana G.

Brief interlude for the family reunion that happened between Addie and Scraps.  Scraps is her beloved stuffed dog who was left in a hotel room in Springville, Utah, and who had to be shipped to us in Idaho.  Lord, the drama.

The girls with their super-beloved Aunt A. I don't have a picture of my brother J.B.  Frowny face.  Let it just be noted that Nolie would not leave his side, unless it was to join Aunt A.'s side.  Those kids love them some Auntie A. and Uncle J.B.

Back at Nana G.'s and Papa D.'s for more total cousin deliciousness.

My beautiful sister and her boyfriend T.

My brother J., Papa D., and Aunt C.  Such a good, good bunch.  Dang those dang cigarettes, though.

The ladies!

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