Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Look for it on iTunes

My step-dad would reach around from the front seat of the car and smack us in the face if we sang in the car too loudly along with the radio.  Which was pretty much my favorite thing to do because I was totally obsessed with music as a kid.  And still am.  Also, I thought I had a really good singing voice, and was probably belting out some Whitney Houston or Wham! at the top of my lungs.  That probably got a little annoying.

I used to think he was smacking us just because he was mean (well, it was kind of mean) but it was also because he was going deaf-like and was probably just freaking out at not being able to hear traffic noise, or himself think.  Also, I'm actually not a very good singer, so I might have smacked me too, had I been a grumpy old dude going deaf-like.

Okay, enough apologizing for him and his weirdness.

Anyway, contrast that with this fine man, hanging with his kids on a Monday night:

It's only a minute long.  You're welcome.

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