Friday, June 24, 2011

Nolie, Summer

Saying goodbye to our beloved preschool teachers Bill,

and Thea (Gaby already left for Peru).

One of her favorite things to do (she's always loved to be rocked, and spun, and swung, and now she can do it herself!).




Chilling in the swing, with popsicle, boning up on some knock-knock jokes.  Nothing better.

Running past Grand-dad's orange tree

and smelling Ubi's roses.

At the beach.

After swimming.

With Aunt Nanny and Addie.

With cousin Raiff.

In Laramie.

In Pinedale.

In Jackson, with cousin Ben, Addie, cousin Kiara, and cousin Kamille.

At Old Faithful.

I love you, little bug.

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